Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Shopping Haul: Zara, Forever 21 & Dressing Paula

Last Sunday I drove to Pavilion with just one intention: To get the vacuum packing bags to pack my clothing in my luggage.

Of course the first stop I went was Daiso on Level 6, Tokyo Street. Purchased the bags, and mission accomplished!

You'd really think so? ;)

Instead of heading home, I found myself window shopping at some boutiques. Didn't want to go home yet because at that time the traffic was horrid because Pavilion had CNY celebration plus nobody was home and I miss Edric!

Zara's window display attracted me so I went in. Saw a pretty skinny floral pants! Tried on (bad move) and really liked it! Bought it.
It reminds me of my MCM floral pants that I used to wear over and over back in primary school.

After Zara, I decided to go to Forever 21. To be honest, not my cup of tea because it's really fast fashion and I feel the store is cluttered. But since I had a bit of time, I went in to see what's new. I found 3 tops that is pretty and was on sale.

Love the colour and back details with gold buttons. The blouse is great for casual and work.

I love the simplicity and femininity of this navy blouse. Also a great blouse for casual and work.

I love the black sheer material on the sides. This long sleeves top will be good for layering in winter.

I wish Forever 21 would have XS in their clothing. Would be really good because the S size are big.

Finally before I headed home, I passed by Dressing Paula. Fell in love with this cheerful tunic top!

My purchases wasn't impulsive. I actually walked around to think about it first because I don't like impulsive buying. After careful consideration and knowing what I will wear or can wear with, I purchased. It is always better to purchase without being impulsive so that the items that you buy won't just be sitting in your wardrobe or make you feel "I wished I hadn't gotten this!".  Sometime, giving it a day or two of consideration is also good. If it's meant to be yours, the item will still be there :) At least I feel that way...

Can't wait to wear all of my new clothing :)

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