Sunday, 2 May 2010

Cecilia Cassini

Meet Cecilia Cassini. She is a ten year old designer, about to rock the world of fashion as she has started dressing young Hollywood and set sights on the runways of Paris. Her idol is Coco Chanel.

Cecilia's style is homespun but sassy with simple dresses being constructed from a skirt in one fabric and a bodice in another. She uses a lot of vintage fabrics. The pieces that she constructs are quirky and cute with sequins, rosette or bow details. Exactly what kids would love. Below are some of the garments from her collections:

At age seven, she wrote her first letter at school to Coco Chanel while other kids wrote letters to Santa. Then at age eight, she designed a logo for her line based on the Eiffel Tower. According to the LA Times, her big break came last year at Tough Cookies, a children's shop in Sherman Oaks, Calif, when her mother mentioned to the owner that Cecilia made dresses. That led to a trunk show where Cecilia sold fifty pieces.

Click here and here to check out videos on her interviews.
Are you inspired? I know I am!


  1. wow, she is really talented ^^ I think she had a great oportunity and we're gonna hear more from her in the future .

  2. Darn. Kids like her make me feel like turning back time and starting everything all over again! :/

  3. wow she's soooo young!!!!! talented giler :))

  4. Amazing! I'd rock that bow dress if it came in my size. :P

  5. *A: I'm pretty sure she will be a superstar in the next few years! :)

    *Mia: kan?! Sigh.

    *AshieBee: I'm so inspired by her. lol.

    *Drea: I love the bow dress too!

  6. wow! shes really amazing.

  7. wow im speechless, she's so young. is she really made some clothes for hollywood people? cool!

  8. Wow. She is 10 years old and has already accomplished soooo much more than I could ever dream to! Kudos to this talented and driven young lady!


  9. wow, this little girl is pretty cool!

  10. craziness, some kids were born with it

  11. this is unbelievable! great post

  12. I saw this--this is amazing!



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